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$10.00 per ticket at the door.

Libby with Gregg Braden

Libby with Gregg Braden

Mary Ann and Libby with Howard Martin

Mary Ann and Libby with Howard Martin

Mary Ann with Gregg Braden

Mary Ann with Gregg Braden

Mary Ann and Libby did a 4 day HeartMath Intensive with Howard Martin and Gregg Braden.  They learned a lot and in particular how powerful the HeartMath techniques and tools really are. They highly recommend them to all of our clients.   


Our BioGenesis seminar was presented by David Demaray of BioGenesis. David lives in Denver and travels worldwide lecturing about BioGenesis.

People who attended learned to use the Genesis™ Energy and BioGenesis Tools to:

• Establish balance and harmony in your home
• Restore your health and vitality
• Manifest your life goals

BioGenesis Tools – In Use Around the World
What is BioGenesis?

BioGenesis is a technology that uses spiritual energy to offer many physical and emotional benefits, assisting in restoring harmony in one’s body, one’s life and one’s home. While this ancient technology has not been on Earth since the days of Atlantis, Ascended Masters recently re-introduced this effective energy. Describing the effects of the Genesis Energy on people, Ascended Master Lantos stated:
We speak of regeneration of the most basic element within each individual—the Light of Creation. As this Light returns to the lives on Earth, all things are made possible.
BioGenesis is ever-renewing…BioGenesis is ever-refreshing…BioGenesis is ever-restoring. No cleansing is necessary with these Tools.

For information on BioGenesis, please visit or call 888-722-2213.


Our last Movie Day was a great success!

We hope everyone that came walked away with some new wisdom to implement into their life and share with others.